1. What rental dates should I provide?
Provide the dates when the equipment is working. E.g. if he works on August 5th, enter From: 05/08…. Until: 05/08….

2. Does the reservation impose an obligation to rent and pay?
NO. This only informs us that there is a demand for a given equipment on a given day.

3. Do I have to cancel my reservation if I no longer need the equipment?
We would appreciate. Write or call.

4. Do I need to additionally confirm the reservation?
No, booking via the website is enough. Before collection, we will call you and arrange the details.

5. Do I have to pay in advance?
Only for first reservations. If you rent equipment regularly, deferred payment is possible.

5. How can I pay?
You can pay in cash or by transfer.

6. I'm a film school student, can you help me?
Yes. We are happy to support student projects, see what conditions.

7. I have an interesting, non-commercial project, but a small budget. Will you help?
Yes. We are happy to support non-commercial projects, see under what conditions.

8. Is the equipment insured?
Yes, but when you rent the equipment, you take full responsibility for it. In the event of loss or damage to equipment, we have the right to charge you for the value of the lost equipment or repair costs and additional costs (transport of new equipment, unrealized rentals of lost equipment, etc.).

10. Can I take the equipment outside the Republic of Poland?
Yes, but please inform us.

11. Do you ship equipment?
Depends on hardware. Call, write, we will arrange the details.

12. I would like to test the equipment, okay?
Sure, our hardware tests are free of charge.